Bon & belge offers a wide range of jam and marmalade from different producers.  Belgium has a good climate for different kinds of fruit: strawberries, currants, raspberries, plums, etc.  All over the country people are making their own jam and sell it locally.  Working with different producers, we have different jars.  So your shelf with our jam looks like the cellar shelf of our grandmothers, making their own jam.

Who makes our jams?

Do you know Griet and Johan?  They cultivate their own strawberries and also started to cultivate different kind of berries.  All this fruit they sell in their little farm shop at home.  What’s not sold the day after the picking, goes into the jams.  This guarantees the unique fresh tasting of the jams. Moreover they reduce as much as possible

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Sofie is another producer of jams.  She was a real businesswoman, working for one of the big consultancy enterprises, experiencing a lack of creativity in her life.  Living in on old farmhouse with her family she organised workshops with flowers.  Having too much fruit in the garden, she started making her own jam.  As people liked it and asked for it, she went on making her jams and marmalades and sells it locally.  She enjoys making new combinations with alcohol and herbs.

Up to you to discover them!