Mustard is delicious in many recipes.  We Belgians also like it with some cheese, accompanied with a good local beer. 

Tasting the mustard, you will discover this is a real delicious artisanal mustard.  The extremely dark Brassica Nigra mustard seeds are giving an extraordinary aroma.

At first degustation, it doesn’t seem special, but at once the full aroma enters your mouth en nose and gives you a “waw” effect.  

This product, made on an artisanal way, based on the original family recipe since 1869, does not contain additives nor preservatives.

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In a small town near to the seaside, a man started in 1869 to make his own mustard.  Soon, he gets well known for his technic to grind the mustard seeds extremely fine.  Making mustard from those fine grinded seeds, makes the mustard stronger. 

One of his descendants, Piet, took over the production and keeps the same production process as his forefather: starting from very fine grinded seeds and giving the production process time, so all tastes can mature and come free in the product.

Did you know?

Opening your jar of mustard, stir well the mustard.  This mixes the aromas and will give your mustard the delicious taste. 


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