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Do you like chocolate? 
Discover here the range bon & belge selected for you.  

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Our products

No export of delicious food from Belgium without its famous chocolates. 

Bon & belge offers the traditional chocolates, but also chocolates with fruit or nuts. 

Did you ever taste the freeze dried raspberries enrobed with white chocolate? A real delicacy.

The chocolate atelier is really artisanal, no big installations.  The chocolates are not only homemade, they are almost handmade.

Chocolate spread

Belgians start the day with a portion of chocolate: no breakfast without a sandwich covered with chocolate spread. This is almost holy in Belgium for young and old.

Who makes our chocolates?

Bon & belge works with an artisanal chocolatier, Stef, who initially only sold its chocolates in his own shop in a small Flemish town.  He selects the best ingredients and adds new creations on a regular base.  The shop and adjacent atelier are smelling of the homemade (or should we say handmade?) chocolates.

Entering the shop, customers are always invited to taste a new creation.  So does bon & belge!

Up to you to discover them!

Traditional chocolates


Delicious offer with chocolate!

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