Bakery products

Belgian speculoos, biscuits, waffles and gingerbread are typical Belgian bakery products.  they all have their own story or reveal their tasteful memories.


Almost all Belgians remember a visit to the grandparents.  Grandma goes to the cupboard, takes a metal box with a royal portrait on it and offers a speculoos.  She takes one herself and sops it in her coffee.  Sweet memories on a very crunchy biscuit with its typical cinnamon taste.


Hungry after a day of school? You will be happy to find some gingerbread in the kitchen.  Spread some butter on it and enjoy your delicious break.  

We Belgians also use it in different receipts.  One example is a flemish carbonade, after baking the pieces of beef, you put some gingerbread spread with mustard on it and finally you pour over the meat with a good Belgian Trappist.  Enjoy your meal!

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Who are our producers?

In Flanders, a baker started in 1870 to make his own gingerbread.  He found a special way to make the dough and let it rise and mature during several weeks.  “We loved the smell of the gingerbread bakery, so we strolled around and tried to taste the dough when grandpa didn’t see us” declares a granddaughter.  Their descendants are the only bakers in Belgium making the gingerbread in this artisanal way.  

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